Forged is a funny fantasy comic created by Michael Eckett and Ryan Jenkyns, with colours by David B. Cooper.
It’s a comic book about figuring out what your role is. Quizzical, young dwarf Peaty doesn’t fit in at home and adventures to the big city to try and find his purpose. He joins a guild of struggling heroes as they stumble on a plot by an evil vampire to segregate the city and gain power.

Physical issues can be purchased here.

Digital copies can be found on Comixology.

“Forged is the fun, silly hero of a comic it wants to be.”

Ariana Zink, A Place to Hang Your Cape

“A fun fantasy story that seems light until you actually pick it up. This is deceptively dense stuff, with more ideas, jokes, characters, world and prettiness than I’ve seen squeezed into a first issue in some time. A reminder that the opposite of light isn’t dark – it’s heavy.”

Alex Spencer-Dale (CBR, Polygon)
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